Ride to Everest

Ride to Everest

Time Frame: Oct - May

14 Days

Max Group Size: 10

Tarmac with some spoilt sections

Max altitude: 2900m

Mountains and Jungles

Tour Overview

Complete a diverse circuit of Nepal featuring major tourist attractions and lesser known hilltop vantage points. On this trip you can see 9 of the 8000m+ peaks: Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Manaslu, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

We ride to the Everest region for a glimpse of the world’s tallest mountain, only 50miles away as the crow flies.

We venture to the southern plains bordering India and ride to Chitwan National Park for a Jungle Safari. The penultimate stop is Pokhara, a touristic town and popular destination for trekkers doing the Annapurna Circuit.

Day by Day Itinerary

Welcome to Nepal! Home of the fierce Gurkhas, uncountable temples and stupas made with awe-inspiring craftsmanship and the most diverse country on the planet in terms of its flora, fauna and its peoples. The birth of the capital was by the great saint Manjushree’s sword named Chandrahar (moon derider). He drained the lake known as the ‘Abode of the Serpents’ which lay in Kathmandu Valley by cleaving the valley in two thus creating fertile land fit for human habitation…

Once you arrive at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport we will pick you up directly from the airport and transfer you to your hotel. There will be a briefing in the evening over dinner so we are ready for the next day’s ride out of Kathmandu. *Remember usually flights are overnight so you should allow an extra day for the journey to Kathmandu.

Accommodation: Hotel

We take a short ride on mixed terrain, familiarising ourselves with the Nepali riding style and leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind. We take the east road onto the Kathmandu valley rim to the hilltop town of Nagarkot, possessing stunning views of Kathmandu valley and to the north, the Himalayas.

Accommodation: Hotel

Wake up at sunrise for a mesmerising view of the Himalayas lit up in the morning light. Today we ride east on broken tarmac to the hilltop town of Charikot. You are able to see parts of the Himalayas which lie in Tibet as well as the unclimbed sacred Mountain, Gauri Shankar.

Accommodation: Hotel

We take a short ride today down from the hills to the river valley below. Whilst riding we’ll get to see two great Himalayan Rivers; the Tama Kosi and the Sun Kosi. The hotel we stay at tonight sits beside the Sun Kosi.

Accommodation: Hotel

Starting the day in the river valley, we ride up a very big hill (wait ‘til you see what a Nepali hill looks like!) into the Everest region. We reach Pattale a little-known mountain village, with a well-kept secret, a fantastic viewing point of 39+ Himalayan Peaks.  Mt. Everest lies 50 miles as the crow flies from here.

Accommodation: Basic Lodge

Today we have an optional visit to an autonomous Tibetan monastery situated 54km away, half the distance is unpaved. 

Accommodation:  Lodge

After our stint in the Everest region, we leave behind the remote mountain village life and retrace part of our route as we head to the flatlands of Nepal. We traverse alpine, sub-alpine, sub-tropical and tropical climes to reach Bardibas, a highway town close to the Indian border.


Accommodation: Hotel

From Bardibas we take the East-West Highway, a straight flat road, very different to the ones you would have come across so far. The highway is busy with fast and slow moving traffic; buses, trucks, bullock carts, bicycles and maybe the occasional Elephant. Our destination is a Jungle Lodge at the edge of Chitwan National Park.


Accommodation: Jungle Resort

Wake up to the sounds of the jungles; bird song and monkey calls. We spend the day at Chitwan where you can go for a jungle safari on foot, by jeep or Elephant back. If you’re lucky catch glimpses of the wild animals who call the expansive 952km₂ park their home. The Royal Bengal Tiger, The One Horned Rhino, Spotted Deer, Leopards, Jackals, Wild Dogs, Sloth Bears, The Mugger Croc and the Long Snouted Gharial Crocodile, to name but a few.


Accommodation: Jungle Resort

Today we ride northwards to the popular tourist town of Pokhara, famed for its tranquil Lake Fewa and the views of the Annapurna’s. Relax by the lakeside, chat to fellow travellers and settle down for the next two nights as we bring the tour to a close.

Accommodation: Hotel

Pokhara has a lot to offer for those seeking adventure. Take the day to go Paragliding, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jump or fly in a microlight to view the mountains more on their level.

Accommodation: Hotel

From Pokhara we ride back to Kathmandu on the Prithvi highway. Many tourists travel on this road inside buses or jeeps, whilst we will enjoy the free a/c (breeze) on our motorbikes. 


Sightseeing and Souvenir Hunting.

Congratulations you did it! We hope you’ve enjoyed everyday riding in the Nepali Himalayas and that you will return again soon—we’re sorry but our tours are highly addictive! You have been warned… 🙂

Average Riding Hours
6 hours per day
Max Altitude
Total Distance

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