About Us

About Us

We have one foot in Nepal and one foot in the UK. Not only do we plan motorcycle tours and tailor made trips to Nepal and Tibet but we are also the operator who arranges everything for you on the ground. No handing over to another operator. We will take care of you from your arrival at Kathmandu airport until your point of departure. Plus we can offer face to face appointments if you are in the East midlands, UK. We are available to talk on WhatsApp to anyone, anywhere in the world!

We work with Nepal because we are committed to helping sustain the tourism industry and help provide employment locally.

We are mindful of the impact tourism has on local communities as well as the environment. We ensure that Nepali culture is respected and the great outdoors as well. 

We care for the fragile Himalayan environment in Nepal by only taking limited group sizes to the mountains and ensuring that the only thing we leave behind are footprints. 

We are committed to social work in Nepal, as one of the world’s economically poorest countries, giving back is our duty. Our main project has been the Lalit Kumari Science Scholarship Fund. This project ensures outstanding students in Sindhuli district are provided with maintenance and fees for University in Nepal. 

Udaya was born in Nepal and grew up under canvas in the jungles with his father who was in the government Forestry service at the time. With many journeys both on motorbike and on foot with his friends, colleagues and clients in Nepal, he has an obvious passion for travel and adventure. He is Road Captain and leads both motorcycle tours and remote treks in Nepal. 

Grace is a Nepal expert in her own right and has traveled the length and breadth of the country both on foot and by motorbike.  As well as working to make your trip to Nepal a great experience, she is your first contact in the UK for help with flight tickets, visas, vaccinations, (or simply what to pack!) via phone or email.

Takeshi holds the unique title of  the first Japanese man to be born in Nepal. With over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality & Tourism sector in Nepal, he brings valuable knowledge and experience to the team. Takeshi is an expert guide & road captain who helps to make your time in Nepal unforgettable.