Why come ride with Ride Nepal?

Here at Ride Nepal we are the creators and the providers of all our motorcycle tours. With a life-time of experience travelling Nepal by motorbike or foot and a shared passion for adventure biking. Over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry. We have our very own fleet of motorbikes that are maintained by our in house mechanic. Using only the best motorbikes for the Nepali terrain, the Honda CRF250Ls.

We have a trusted network of teahouse and hotel owners across Nepal. A trusted network of military connections spanning all barracks in Nepal. With a team of both male and female motorcycle guides. Our founder, is Udaya Thapa, an ex-Sandhurst officer and unofficial fastest man in the world. Co-founder Takeshi Okawara, the first Japanese man to be born in Nepal. Co-founder Grace Sumner, youngest female biker to travel by bike the length and breadth of Nepal.

Our trips have no hidden costs*: from the time you arrive in Nepal to the time you leave we will take care of all arrangements. We have an office in Kathmandu with a team dedicated to fine-tuning your adventure on the ground. We don’t just hand you over to another operator in Nepal, we are the operator, with one foot in the UK and one foot in Nepal.

What is Our Mission?

Firstly our work allows us to support Nepal’s tourism industry, a major source of income for the country.

Secondly we love showing off Nepal to tourists from across the globe and believe in quality food & accommodation, quality guides and quality bikes is the way to do it.

Thirdly we love motorbikes, you can cover a lot more ground in one day in Nepal on a motorbike than by car or foot.

Social Work

We aim to include a social aspect to all our work, with each trip providing funds for our social projects in Nepal. We currently give to the Lalit Kumari Science Scholarship Fund, which provides outstanding students from Sindhuli District with tuition and maintenance fees for university in Nepal. Sindhuli District is close to our hearts and we all would like to see this part of Nepal develop and flourish. The scholarship fund is one of the best ways to give those young persons a leg up in this world in the hope that they will in turn give back to their own community.