Recce Rides

So this is *probably the first video we made with some beautiful footage of riding on some of the same roads as our Everest View trips. After many years plotting and planning Ride Nepal the ‘travel prodigy’ of adventure biking in the world’ biggest adventure playground was born…

…Before the era of gyro stabilisation there is some pretty gnarly footage of previous rides, but to save you the feeling of car sickness whilst watching I’ve opted to just start from the more recent past. This video gives you a snapshot of some of the roads that we ride into the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, home of Sagarmatha otherwise known as Mount Everest. As a team we’ve ridden probably every road there is to ride in Nepal and want to keep that reputation up, so any new roads that are built – we’re there. Recce-ing the roads and creating itineraries is half the job and definitely half the fun. Whilst Nepal is certainly a popular trekking destination, more and more roads are being constructed and this means of course better trade for the locals, much quicker travel for families to come see relatives working in the cities and well of course the most important of all more and more motorcycling! Hopefully it’s not too far in the distant future either when electric cars and motorcycles can be introduced into Nepal at a budget friendly rate which will mean cleaner air for all. And Nepal can be revived into a paradise haven of the world once again (more on this in another vlog!)

I’ll also be uploading short clips from our most recent recce to Tibet so watch out for that too. Posted here and/or our instagram account: ride.nepal 




Drones all the way

We got ourselves a drone and wow does it make for some stunning footage. Hoping to get some more on our future trips as there are some roads in Nepal which can only be really appreciated in their magnitude and magnificence by drone.
Although because of air traffic control, drones are not legal to use unless your air time is licensed. And after not very sensitive footage of the recent earthquake was broadcast all over the world from use of drones this also raised the issue of privacy. Not going to get into that one.

Though talking of the earthquake, did you know it was on such a huge scale that even Mount Everest was moved by 3cm to the southwest. On the whole it was a very destructive time, but Nepalis rise up out of the ashes and rebuild their own homes and lives and continue to smile on.

Something that not a lot of people know about Nepal also is that it is one of the few nations in the world to have never been conquered by another power. It is often mistakenly referred to as India or even Tibet, but the country’s geography is very different. You can actually cover 5 different climatic zones in one day. As in one of our trips, the Everest View Adventure, we travel from our viewpoint about 50 miles from Everest lying at around 9000ft, riding through alpine, aub-alpine, agricultural land, semi-tropical and down to an India-border town which is pretty much at sea level and has a very tropical climate. This day starts at one of the most northern tarmac-ed roads to the most southern. It is quite an awesome day of riding.

Well that’s all for now folks – be posting again soon.