Nuwakot Durbar Ride Out

Price for Groups of 1-2: £180.00

Price for Groups of 3-4: £150.00

Price for Groups of 5+: £130.00

This ride out takes you outside of the Kathmandu valley to the ancient citadel in Nuwakot. Nuwakot Durbar sits only at 900m, but is very well positioned for the location it is in and has beautiful panoramic views of the lush green valleys and hillsides around it. It was built in the 18th century by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, it is made of brick and mud mortar and intricate wood work. 

Riding out of Kathmandu you will be faced with the busy city traffic, which will gradually become less as we reach the old Newari agricultural town of Tokha. We climb up to the pass of Guruje Bhanjyang at 1900m, where if it is a clear day you can see the Himalayas from here and also the Lipu River far below.

Taking a paved road on the way down on the north side of the hill, where the air is damp and cold. The road passes through forests and besides rice paddies. From here the rough gravel jeep track is relatively straight passing next to farming land along the Lipu River. The road is sandy and slippery towards Trishuli Bazaar and up to Nuwakot Durbar, although not overly technical. 

From here we can go back the same route to Kathmandu, this route will be shorter, quieter with less traffic and less pollution.

Otherwise if the group wants to experience the chaotic mountain highway riding we can go back instead via Galchi to Kathmandu, which is a very busy road and full of trucks and many other vehicles. Not recommended for the faint hearted.


  • Nuwakot Durbar, the ancient citadel
  • Riding beyond Kathmandu Valley
  • Gravel tracks, sandy jeep tracks and many many switchbacks
  • Ride besides rice paddies and along the Lipu River

When to Go



Motorbike (Honda CRF250L), Fuel, Friendly English Speaking Guide on their own Motorbike, Lunch, Water, Snacks


Personal client Insurance, Durbar entry fee, Motorcycle kit, Tips