We encourage people to have dual-sport motorcycles whilst riding in Nepal, our fleet includes:

Honda CRF250L


Fantastic dual-sport bike which will tackle the off roads like a king and cruise comfortably on road. We love this bike and have invested in it as our trusty steed for touring on the Himalayan terrain. 250cc is plenty enough power for the windy and sometimes spoilt roads. Most suitable for all itineraries.

Rieju Marathon pro 200 


This dirt bike will get you out of just about any sticky situation. With 200cc engine and a lot of torque this is our favourite for the dirt tracks. However the seat is smaller than our other bikes which make it less comfortable for long on road sections. Most suitable for off road tours like the Muktinath Off Road Adventure or the Extreme Everest De-Tour

Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc (Available on request)

Image result for enfield bullet 500

The iconic Royal enfield has it’s pros: Absolute winner on style and for those who dream of riding the bullet in Asia we are happy to provide you with this bike. However it also has it’s cons, a bit of a bumpy ride in the Himalayas and may need patience for mechanical failures due to the bike not withstanding quite as well the terrain as do the dual sports/off road bikes. Most suitable for the Tropical Terai trip

Enfield Himalayan 500cc (available on request)

Image result for enfield himalayan

The new Enfield Himalayan will be a better choice for all enfield lovers due to the knobbly tyres. It hasn’t got quite the same torque as the Honda or Reiju and is a bit heavier too. It was introduced in Nepal and is specially designed for the Himalayan terrain. Definitely more suited to the adventurous terrain, than the bullet and the suspension helps greatly with all those potholes. Most suitable for the Tropical Terai Trip, The High Road to Everest and The Everest View Adventure.

*All bikes are in good condition and maintained regularly.*

Motorcycle Rental:

Your choice of motorcycle is included in our tour costing, first come first serve basis.

If you are already in Nepal and want to rent just for a day out you can choose from our fleet:

HONDA/REIJU/ENFIELD Per day charge: £75.00

Motorcycle license: Category A and A2 (or equivalent for other countries)

Helmets: £10.00 (per day)

It is necessary to present a form of ID, deposit of £500.00, motorcycle license and proof of personal accident/injury insurance.

Click to Contact us for details of availability on email or by phone.