We have a fleet of Honda CRF250Ls , these bikes are light and agile, with a good handful of torque when you need it, perfectly suited to the mountainous terrain. And they are all fitted with ABS plus a digital dash. Best for all tours in Nepal: Himalayan Highways Motorcycle Adventure, Easy Everest Motorcycle Tour, Beyond the Annapurnas, Into the Mountains Adventure and The Thousand Petalled Lotus Motorcycle Tour.

Honda CRF250L

Rieju Marathon pro 200 

We also have a limited number of Reiju Marathon Pros. The Marathon Pro 200 uses the new liquid cooled Yamaha 4-stroke 4-valve engine combined with a light weight alloy silencer for maximum power to weight ratio. Best suited for, Beyond the Annapurnas and Into the Mountains Adventure and also for bespoke motorcycle tours.

Bike rental is: £75.00 per day. If you want to rent a bike for more than a day and there is a group of you then we can offer discounts also.